Are You Carrying a Cell Phone Spy in Your PocketDo you realize you could have a mobile spy in your pocket or purse right now?

How often do you set your cell phone down on your desk at work or on the table in a restaurant when you meet someone and run off to go to the bathroom or do something?

All it takes is a couple of minutes of access to your phone and someone could install cell phone spyware on it – and the really scary part – you probably wouldn’t even notice it after you return. All you notice is that someone knows things they shouldn’t and you can’t figure out how they found out.

So, you start keeping your cell phone with you at all times. Sorry, that doesn’t mean you are safe. Spyware software can be downloaded onto your phone through websites, e-mail, a Bluetooth or PC connection, it can even be embedded in photos that you open and view!

There is no known blanket spyware protections that will protect all cell phones. It is up to you to be very vigilant and protect your own equipment. However, so many people just think, “No one would ever want to spy on me, I’m just an average person.” It might surprise you to know that being an average person doesn’t mean someone wants to find out something about you or from you. Who?

  • A former boyfriend or girlfriend who didn’t want the relationship to end.
  • A co-worker who is competing with you for a promotion.
  • Someone who works for a company competing with your employer.
  • A spouse who suspects you of cheating or who is cheating and wants to keep you in the dark.
  • The former girlfriend or boyfriend of your current significant other.

All of these people are average people who are motivated to purchase and utilize cell phone spyware. Even though cell phone spyware is illegal in the United States, it is easily accessible, and inexpensive to buy on the Internet.

We are contacted by individuals and attorneys representing clients on a regular basis to complete¬† Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). That’s the technical way of saying uncovering covert spying devices – a sweep. Mobile phone spyware detection is one element of that. However, here at , we are one of only about three labs in the nation that may be able to ferret out the identity of the person who is listening in on your conversations, reading your e-mails and keeping track of your whereabouts. And not only is it a federal offense, the bad guy is open to civil lawsuits as well. It could cost him time and money if caught.

If you have reason to think someone has installed spyware on your phone and you are worried – or scared- a little TSCM goes a long way toward some peace of mind.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations