Stop Cyber AttackTexts on Pale Bare HandSmall business owners have another growing trend to be concerned with in today’s online marketplace. Symantec reported that 30% of cyber attacks targeted small businesses. Not every cyber attack has to do with malicious threats or activities against a specific business or business owner. The fact is that some hackers simply want to cause a disruption for someone, somewhere.

As forensics consultants, has seen a growing number of small business owners invest in computer forensic services as a regular expense of operations.

This might fly in the face of what we talk about mostly – the use of spyware and malware to stalk or monitor the activities of others, but malware can also infect systems and networks and create complete upheaval – just for fun. The hacker sits and watches while businesses are in chaos.

Computer forensic analysis can be a routine maintenance item as well as spyware detector. Your computers might not need spyware removal, but viruses and other malware that has inadvertently been allowed into your system is just as detectable – and removable.

In addition to regularly scheduled computer forensic examination, small business owners can take several precautions:

  1. Create computer use policies and educate employees in safe and security practices.
  2. Perform security assessments on computer and network systems to uncover and fill gaps for potential breaches.
  3. Create protocols for use with vendors and communicate those to them.

While digital forensics can help with maintaining secure systems in regard to unexpected hacking and cyber attacks, a computer forensic specialist can also include computer forensic electronic discovery as part of a check and balance system to also be on the lookout for illegal activity and potential theft and employee embezzlement.

Protecting your business has always been a challenge, but with computer forensics services, you have help. Contact to get the information you need to protect your business.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations