Anyone Can Be Sexually Harassed, Proving It Is What MattersSexual Harassment Is Sometimes Hard To Prove. There are always three sides to every story.  His……Hers…..and the Truth, but when Laquita came in our office and sobbingly explained that no one at her workplace believed she was being sexually harassed by a supervisor at her workplace, we did.   She was very convincing.  A large man, twenty years her senior and a supervisor in another department always seemed to know when she was alone and would take that opportunity to grope her.   When she told him she was in a committed relationship with children, he left her alone for a while.   She confided the incidents with her direct supervisor who brushed it off saying he was a very upstanding religious man with a fine family.   He didn’t stay away from her for long and soon the groping continued.  Again Laquita complained to her supervisor, then to a human resources department assistant who also said he was the” pillar of the community”.   What can I do to prove I’m not making this up, she asked us?  We recommended to outfit her with a “covert body camera and microphone”.   A device that she could quickly turn on when it appeared that he might sexually harass her again.  Later she stopped by our office, out of breath, wanting us to download the video/audio from the covert camera of the latest groping and dirty talking incident.   The video and audio were perfect so we recommended that she wear the covert camera again when she complained to her supervisor and the HR department, to document their comments about her allegations.   She did and they again blew her off which was recorded.   Then we sent her to a highly reputable plaintiff attorney, who we knew would competently represent her.  The attorney asked that we conduct a background investigation upon the harasser to include a criminal background check, which linked the harasser to several civil cases that had been dismissed.  The harasser had a long work history and never thought the company would conduct routine employment background checks, which was correct.  All this information was provided to the attorney.  The attorney later called us and highly praised the quality of the video and audio documentation along with the background investigation which he used for a large quick settlement from Laquita’s employer.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations

-Brenda McGinley, Director of Operations,