Allegations and AccusationsSome of our inquires become cases due to accusations or allegations in the workplace, during a divorce or custody battle, amongst friends or within a marriage.  Words are powerful.  They can be uplifting or they can degrade and when someone has been falsely accused of an action or a rumor has been spread that holds little to no truth it is very difficult to prove otherwise.   Then there are the cases of he said/she said and that too is hard to disprove or prove.  If the Client needs to know the truth about a situation a Polygraph Test or a Voice Stress Analysis are two ways to learn the facts.  Polygraphs measure heart rate, respiration, galvanic skin response, blood pressure and other changes in the sympathetic nervous system.  Voice Stress Analysis is the feasibility of detecting deception by measuring the amount of stress present in a person’s voice. When taking either test you and the examiner and whomever you approve to be in the room talk about the situation and together create the questions to be given for the test.  You are never blind-sighted by a question.  During the test, only the examiner and the person taking the test are allowed in the room.  Each question will show deception or non-deception, it is not a total pass or fail as some questions may be answered truthfully while others are considered untruthful.

The majority of tests given, the results are immediate, but in some cases, the graphs need to be reviewed.  A written report is available within 24 to 48 hours.  Polygraphs or Voice Street Analysis (VSA)’s can be administered to anyone over the age of 14.  The test can be requested by an individual or an attorney wanting to learn if his Client is being truthful.  We have been asked if a Polygraph Test or a VSA is admissible in court.  It is best to consult with your attorney for that determination.  Some people state they are nervous and fear false readings will be the result of their test.  This is taken into consideration as the examiner will ask “Control Questions” to get a base reading which is designed for situations such as these.  Our examiners are friendly and kind which helps to create a more positive atmosphere so that nerves do not affect the results.

If you have ever watched a reality TV show or a TV Series be aware, this is probably not the procedure that is taken when administering a Polygraph or a VSA.  The examiner is not there to intimate you, have an opinion during the test or ask questions not related to the matter at hand.  Polygraph and VSA’s are used for a specific situation and not a lifetime of events.  If you are ever being accused of something you did not do or did not say a Polygraph Test or a Voice Stress Analysis may be the way to get to the truth