5 Signs a Spy Might Have Control of Your Mobile PhoneCellular forensics is a term people are starting to hear and say in conversations across the nation. That’s because more cell phones are being targeted with spyware and cellular malware.

Why? Because spyware and malware software is becoming more available and less costly through the Internet—even though it is illegal in the United States—and people can use it to monitor other people.

It is not limited to corporate or political espionage or to people who are wealthy and powerful. When someone suspects their spouse or partner is not being true, or someone wants a relationship that the object of their affection does not want, they may want to spy to “learn the truth.” It could be your co-worker or a neighbor in a minimum wage job.

There are some signs you can watch for if you are concerned that you are the victim of cell phone eavesdropping and spying. Five indicators that your cell phone might have illegally installed spyware include:

  1. Battery is warm when not in use
  2. Battery life is noticeably diminished each day
  3. On some Blackberry devices the communication icon on right screen is flashing
  4. Small pauses of audible communication while talking
  5. Light audible tones, beeps or clicks throughout the conversation

Check our website for more indicators.

If you suspect someone of cell phone eavesdropping, we can help.

Through mobile phone forensic analysis, we can determine if your phone has been targeted for eavesdropping. We are also 1 of only 2 or 3 labs in the United States who can actually find the software – and potentially even identify the spy through forensic cellular evidence.

We can help you get control back of your cell phone.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations