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Investigators Foil Psychic Scam

The variety of personal stories we hear at is endless, probably because humans are fallible and gullible. Unless you have been very down on your luck, depressed and worried about your future, you might not understand how a grown adult could be swindled by a wanna-be psychic. But Eric, a struggling actor, was not only conned by a psychic prankster, he was ripped off, to the tune of $30,000.00. In Eric's defense, he saved money for a long time in order to pursue acting. He also moved across the country to be amongst agents and producers. For a couple of years, Eric found work. He was cast in a short-lived sitcom and a few commercials. But then, Eric's luck dried up. In a desperate effort [...]

Persistence, Experience and the Pursuit of Truth

Our reputation for finding the truth is one of many reasons why is so well respected. If necessary, we quite literally chase the truth around the globe, leaving no stone unturned. Our stellar reputation brings attorneys, government officials and company owners to our doors. We are leaders in this industry and clients appreciate our highly sophisticated skills in research, technology and digital forensics. We very proudly bask in the moment when a private investigator finds answers that others failed to find. Take, for example, this case of an unresolved double homicide and an aggressive private investigator. For more than 25 years, a tortured son, Dennis Hadaller, pursued every possibility to bring his mother's murderer to justice. Through the years, police detectives moved on to investigate [...]

Insurance Fraud Covers More Than a Falsified Slip and Fall Claim

We have all heard the horror stories about employees who scam the system and cost their employer lots of money by filing false claims and committing workers compensation fraud. But another very real issue involves dishonest business owners who scam coverage providers. And so, when insurance companies contact about insurance fraud, we move swiftly to resolve the problems. Because, for every day that a dishonest business owner gets away with this crime, everyone else is at risk, whether we're talking about financial loss for the insurance carrier or benefit loss for innocent employees. Crooked business owners illegally reduce the owed amounts of workman's compensation premiums by hiding behind fake companies. This practice can be difficult to discover since the business may even provide bogus accounting [...]

Caustic Employees May Be as Harmful as Theft in the Workplace

Ed and Georgia were extremely conservative business owners. Last year, they realized a long time dream. They expanded the square footage of their business, took on a couple of new projects and hired four new employees. But for some unknown reason, employee morale noticeably began to dwindle. Employees more frequently called in sick. Some actually left the company without providing clear reasons for why they were suddenly unhappy. On their own, Ed and Georgia tried to interview workers about the shift in attitude. But they were unsuccessful in getting to the root of the problem. Then in the community, Georgia heard a couple of negative rumors about their business. By that point, Ed and Georgia were more than concerned about the problem. They were panicked. [...]

Business Owners: Heed That Gut Feeling and Put Proactive Systems in Place

When Brandon sat down with professionals at , he quickly shared that he was in a very frustrating situation. After watching company inventory slowly disappear with no explanation, Brandon was convinced that he was the victim of theft in the workplace; that an employee was stealing materials. A few months earlier, Brandon and Tony, his business partner, installed video surveillance equipment cameras around the warehouse and also in the loading dock area. Their efforts caught no one doing anything wrong. Brandon believed that he and Tony had exhausted every possible effort they felt they could to remedy the problem and still it was there. When accepted the case, we encouraged Brandon not to discuss the investigation with anyone. Unlike the very visible cameras Brandon and [...]

Gut Intuition Raises Bells, Professional Investigation Delivers Evidence

If your gut screams that something isn't right, don't ignore it! Call on to help you identify what that “something” is. We respect your intuition. And we will help identify that “something” that doesn't feel right. That's exactly what happened in a case involving business partners, Brett and Leo. Three years earlier, these computer wizards launched a technology business. In the second year, the business boomed to the tune of several million dollars. Also in their second year of business, the men were rather intrigued when a new business opened in the same city. Oddly enough, the new business offered many similar products and services. This was odd, since Brett and Leo created many of their own software products. A few months into their third [...]

Start Employment Process with Background Investigation

Our challenging economy has forced most business and company owners, large and small, to tighten their belts. Many business owners continue to struggle. But they certainly are not alone in the fight to keep their doors open. Many Americans continue to perfect the art of doing more with less. In the midst of all that stress, remaining competitive in these very difficult times can sometimes feel overwhelming and exhausting, too. When a business owner feels such pressure, it can be the perfect recipe for disaster. Why? Because stress may inadvertently lead us to cut corners where we usually wouldn't. And cutting corners never leads to anything positive. Let's say that the CFO of your company suddenly resigns, without notice. This loss throws you into a [...]

Business Owners, Insurance Companies and Private Investigators Work Together to Eliminate Insurance Fraud

As our clients know, earned our excellent reputation because we are results oriented. Definitely, we think outside the box, approaching every case with a willingness to use whatever skills and resources necessary to gather evidence. Even the best of scam operators can't slide past our investigative tools since those tools and research skills are also mixed with persistence and the highest level of confidentiality. These facts about our agency bring insurance companies to our door. Recently a claims agent called because one of the business owners the company insures came to them with some concerns. He was certain that at least one of his employees was fraudulently collecting workers compensation benefits. But he had recently heard gossip about a second employee who was also drawing [...]

Get Answers to Your Questions and Resolve Your Suspicions with a Private Investigator

Sadly, it seems the general public is still uninformed about the many ways can assist them with answering questions and resolving conflict. Because of this, they face hardships and consequences that might have been avoided had they known more about exactly what we do. Private investigators today work with private individuals, attorneys, business owners, corporations and companies. The truth is that we do utilize surveillance equipment when one spouse suspects the other of marital infidelity. When our clients request it, we do use cameras and video recorders with zoom lenses and date and time stamps to provide proof of cheating spouses. But our careers have drastically changed with the times. Our methods of gathering information have evolved with technology. Although we still utilize the investigative [...]

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