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Beware of Growing Trend in Online Dating

As investigators, our clients range from being business owners requesting background investigations on potential employees to investors needing thorough investigation of overseas investment opportunities to husbands or wives who suspect their spouses of marital infidelity. However we are seeing a growing trend in recent years in the incidence of victims of romance scams. When adults find themselves alone, ether by divorce or death of a spouse, many yearn for the company of a loving companion. In today's society, singles turn to dating websites. In fact, research shows that 87% of single adults view online dating as a positive option. The perks of online dating include surfing when you want to, in your pajamas, with bed head. There's no pressure. You can delete who you no [...]

Save Your Business with Due Diligence

Before making vital decisions, many company owners carefully identify and access the risks. They realize how crucial it is to gather all possible information and conduct due diligence. Without a doubt, every bit of information must be updated and, above all, accurate. That is exactly why frequently receive calls from business and company owners and global investors. Often they provide a due diligence checklist with some of the items crossed off with documentation attached. They ask us to find answers to all the questions they ask so they can make the most informed decisions. In a due diligence investigation, we follow paper trails, across the country, if need be. As investigators, our job is to find the truth, but also, to provide evidence of those [...]

Has the Resources to Follow Every Lead – Whichever Direction It Takes

When a property owner contacts the police to report that their boat has been stolen, most police departments follow procedure by sending an officer to investigate. The officer does his job, interviewing the victim, gathering information about the stolen property and filing a report. Unfortunately, many police departments are understaffed. Officers are already so busy with trying to control violent criminal activities that the report about a stolen boat usually won't be at the top of the priority list. But when the boat happens to be worth anywhere from $200,000 to $1 million, the insurance company covering the stolen boat will likely want more attention than the police department offers, especially if red flags signal potential insurance fraud. In that situation, insurance companies often seek [...]

are Professionals at Missing Person Investigations

Landlords and attorneys for landlords contact to get help finding people. It’s not the missing person search one normally thinks of – unless you are a landlord. Landlords will tell you tenants moving out in the middle of the night is nothing new. It’s been going on for a long time and as diligent as they can be with background checks and employment checks and references, it still happens. But when tenants vacate over night, they usually leave two things – a mess and a debt. The landlord still has to go through the legal process dictated by the state and local agencies, but they also have to serve notice on the tenant. And that means they have to know where he is. As investigators, [...]

Know Exactly Who is Behind Investment Before Sending Money

After working in a manufacturing plant for too many years to count, Roger retired from his job and went home, hoping to live at least a little bit of the good life. But he didn't realize that living on a fixed income would be such a challenge. And so, when an incredible investment opportunity was advertised on television, Roger immediately wired ten grand to the source. Then he sat back to dream for a few weeks while his money grew. After all, the guy on the advertisement promised that every investor would at least double their money. In fact in some instances, investors had a great chance to even triple their investment. Roger never considered the legitimacy of the offer. He had never made such [...]

Safeguard Your Portfolio. Don’t Invest without Due Diligence

It goes without saying that our present economy is tough. Actually, for a few years now, our economy has been a challenge. Sometimes when the going gets tough like this, many of us begin to question our past investment decisions. For example, some of us might begin to distrust the option of investing in the stock market, even if that is what we have spent years doing. When Americans feel anxious about financial stability, many change their investment behavior and seek out what appears to be most secure. And that answer, for many of us, is to invest in gold. Various institutions and individuals may view gold as an attractive option. After all, gold is known as the true currency of our country. But that [...]

Hidden Asset Investigation and Computer Forensics Examination Reveals Many Truths

For the last year, Jennifer feared that her marriage was ending. In some ways, it was not a surprise. She was American and Laszlo, her husband of seven years, was Hungarian. Sometimes Jennifer tried to decipher whether the culture clash was the primary problem. Other times, she wondered if she and Laszlo had simply drifted apart since the birth of Szusza, their four-year-old daughter. Jennifer worried that Laszlo was hiding money in Eastern European banks. She had not worked outside the home since Szusza was born and she knew it would be difficult to re-enter the job market and immediately earn a reasonable salary. When they argued, Laszlo threatened to leave her with nothing. Then he threatened to return to his home country and take [...]

Residency Investigations Bring Truth to the Schools and Taxpayers

We have all witnessed some very unsteady years in the American economy. Government agencies, businesses and school corporations continue to squeeze budgets where they can. And because of the need to constantly evaluate where costs can be cut, various institutions and agencies find themselves needing extra help. In fact, many school administrators now seek the expertise of private investigators like to help resolve an ongoing problem with student enrollment. Being approached by school corporations is one aspect of private investigation which might initially be difficult for the general public to understand. But the truth is that students of all ages are very frequently enrolled by their parents in school districts where they do not actually reside. If the family lives across town but Grandma's neighborhood [...]

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