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A Background Investigation Confirms the Truth

We know the not-so-favorable statistics about marriage. We know that more than half of all blissful unions end up being very unblissful divorces. And we also know that American women very often suffer more financially, especially if she is over the age of 50 with a history of being a stay-at-home mom and the spouse of a high-powered man with plenty of wealth under his belt. If she happens to be lucky enough to be awarded half of her ex’s pension, she’s at least got some level of security. And so, if love happens to find this woman again one day, she’s got to be cautious. In this day and age, it’s only responsible behavior to avoid being blinded by love. Depending on the divorce [...]

Insider Tips about Cell Phone Spyware

In any given day at the offices of , the phones ring with inquiries about cell phone spying. The conversation starts out that the caller suspects someone is listening to her conversations and she wonders she needs cell phone spyware detection services. We ask about the common signs that spyware has been installed on a mobile device: Is the battery warm when not in use? Is the battery life noticeably diminished each day? Are there small pauses in audible communication when talking? Are there noises; light beeps, tones or clicks, throughout conversations? Is there any sign of flickering or flashing on display or change of brightness on the phone? Is the Internet access slower than usual? And the big question: have you opened any emails [...]

Private Investigators Prove Insurance Fraud with Surveillance Video

When Wanda fell on a wet floor at work, she claimed to have suffered multiple injury-related problems. She quickly filed for workers compensation and sued her employer for millions of dollars in damages. Because they had no access to a videotape of Wanda’s slip and fall accident, her employers had no way of proving that she was lying – and committing insurance fraud. They heard a few grumbles around the community from Wanda’s co-workers and a few of her neighbors too, stating that Wanda was not only pretending to be injured, she was bragging about how she had her previous employer pinned to the ground like a bug. Frustrated and aggravated by the continuous stack of medical bills arriving in a thick manila envelope every [...]

The Objective Truth, is the Investigator’s Target

During her 30-year career as a private investigator, Caryn Gloyd has provided hundreds of court testimonies. She has logged thousands of hours of surveillance or digital forensics. She has spent countless hours tracking down and interviewing potential witnesses or suspects. In other words, Gloyd has seen it all and heard it all. But when she heard Georgetown Police Chief William Topping speak negatively about private investigators, Gloyd’s pride in her profession was challenged. “Private investigators are there to prove their clients’ cases,” Topping said during a 2009 interview. “There’s no impartiality or neutrality. They get their orders from their employers.” Gloyd went from feeling stunned to more than a little bit irritated by Topping’s statement. She felt that Topping was making a blanket statement that [...]

Catching an Internal Thief with Video Technology

Lifelong friends Jeff and Chris came to visit the other day. Jeff is a local business owner who built a successful real estate management company and Chris is his attorney. It was Chris who scheduled the meeting. Jeff really didn’t think it was necessary, but because he trusted Chris, he came along. The thing is that Chris had been working with the accounting firm that handles Jeff's books. He thinks he uncovered some discrepancies, but the accounting checks and balances seem to be in order. According to Chris, there is one common denominator in every record in question – and that is Jeff’s secretary, Margot. Jeff keeps saying that he trusts Margot – she’s worked for him for years – 13 to be exact and [...]

Internet Not an Anonymous Super Highway for

In the last decade, the primarily male populated world of private investigators has seen a big change, not only in technology but also in the faces of this career. In fact, females are flooding this career path. And they are taking it by storm. A great example is Michelle Gomez, a private investigator who broke a case that two other investigators and even the FBI failed to solve. Wanted for $2 million in fraud, Ryan Eugene Mullen apparently had simply vanished off the face of the earth. No one could find him until Gomez, who specializes in tracking down missing items and missing people, was asked to help with the case. Like the staff at , Gomez is also highly knowledgeable in digital engineering and [...]

When Your Quest is Truth; Hire a Private Investigator

Law officers and ambulance drivers, emergency room doctors and defense attorneys often boast that they see the weirdest of the weird. But sometimes the weird stories can be added to the discussion by adjustors for insurance companies. One particular story involves an adjustor in Colorado and her claimant, who insisted that her vehicle had dropped into a vertical mine shift. Knowing that the police department had no time to search endless acres of rocky terrain in the area of Baily, Colorado, the adjustor called on a private investigator. She asked the private investigator to do everything they could to locate the missing vehicle and solve the fishy-sounding story. After many long hours and long days of searching the rough terrain in off-road vehicles, the investigators [...]

Missing Person Search Requires Tenacity, Skill and Experience for Success

Private investigators have been part of our culture for more than 150 years. And just like every other aspect of change and growth, the expectations and the skill set of investigators continue to evolve. Long time investigative firm, , has been on the cutting edge of changes in the industry. For many years, investigators tailed cheating spouses or provided surveillance photos of employees suspected of workers compensation fraud. Company owners requested proof of a person doing strenuous work at home or dancing in a bar but later claiming they were so injured on a job that they required workman’s compensation. And they still do that kind of surveillance. However, thumbing through public records in court house basements is now a rare occurrence in regard to [...]

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