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Computer Forensics Investigation Uncovers Facts to Support Ruffled Feathers

Generally when employers find an ambitious employee who really wants to get ahead they jump to give him all the resources they need to do so. And employers know that other employees can get their feathers ruffled. When an employer contacted asking for help, that’s all he thought he had on his hands – ruffled employees. The employer explained that he had hired a salesman who was really ambitious and now other sales personnel were complaining. They were saying he was swooping in and taking their clients and leads before they even had a chance to get an appointment or meet with them. All their sales activity was kept on their computer accounts, but each one was password protected. We called in our computer forensics [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Growing in Importance in Investigations

Cell phone forensics is becoming more and more important in investigations. The use of cell phones and computers are like a journal or diary of users’ lives. Just from cell phones, a mobile phone forensic analysis by can reveal a great deal of data, including: Dialed, incoming and missed calls (history logs) Text messages Instant message activity Email Internet activity including search histories Software, programs and apps Video and audio recordings Electronic documents and attachments Phone setting information Phone location information (using GPS) and cell phone tower triangulation And, even when the user believes data has been deleted, it can often be retrieved though a cell phone forensic examination. Wireless forensics using phone forensic software can provide factual data useful to people many situations. In [...]

Successor Busted in TSCM Investigation

Here at we use a lot of high tech equipment and software. But along with that comes years of investigative experience. And we employ both good old fashioned detective work with the digital tools in just about every case we handle. One case involved a son and his father and the company the father had built from scratch. Both had offices in the same building, just a floor apart. In fact, the son’s office was directly below his father’s office. Dad, who we’ll call Sam was getting on in years and wanted to retire – at least part-time. But he wasn’t sure his son, we’ll call Jim, was ready to take over the helm. Jim believed he was able and the next in line. Sam [...]

Cell Phone Forensic Investigation Finds Evidence to Support Gut Feeling

The owner of an aerospace company that manufactured parts for the government called with some concerns. Recently two of his key sales people had left the company under a cloud of suspicion. The company owner had no tangible proof of wrong-doing, but he had a feeling something wasn’t right. Both of the employees had been with the company for more than seven years and had always been straight up with him. But over the last year he felt his relationship with them changed. There was a distance that had developed and when they both suddenly resigned, it just didn’t feel good. They had left their computers and cell phones that were company issued. He’d had IT look at the computer, but both cell phones were [...]

To Find a Missing Person, Create Links

Private investigators are called in to find missing persons in many situations. Sometimes police cases are still open and sometimes they have gone cold. Here at we are known for our ability in finding people. But sometimes there is a cruel twist that is heartbreaking for families. One such instance was a case we came into after the fact. An 8-year-old boy, we’ll call Josh, had gone missing 14 years prior and the police case had gone cold. There had not been any new leads in more than five years. Then all of a sudden, a call came in from a law enforcement agency in Europe. A young man had come in and told the story of how he was Josh and had been abducted, [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Reveals Who is Watching You

One thing that we realize here at is that a couple doesn’t have to actually be married to be caught in an emotionally charged – and challenging – situation. For instance, one case we had was a couple who had been together for many years and had two children together. They never married and their relationship was “shaky” as she described it. She felt sure that he had listening devices installed in their home and perhaps even a mobile phone tap. What made her feel she was surrounded by spy equipment? He traveled a great deal for work and their conversations were limited to once daily in the evening. And yet, he and the children knew things that she hadn’t shared with them. Several  things [...]

Vehicle Accident Investigation Collects Facts for Decisions

When you think of an automobile insurance claim, you probably think of a police report and an insurance claim. You probably don’t think of reasons why a firm like might be hired for a vehicle accident investigation, do you? Here is an example of why attorneys (and their clients) call : There was an automobile accident and it was determined that the driver of one of the vehicles was responsible for causing the crash. That person died. That driver had injury insurance, but the injuries sustained by the person in the other car exceeded the coverage. In this case, the injured driver wanted to file a lawsuit against the responsible driver to cover the remaining medical expenses. Their attorney contacted us to see if that [...]

Un-turn Every Stone in an Asset Investigation

As a divorce asset investigator firm, experience has taught all of us here at that you have to keep an open mind and look at things from all different perspective if you want to be asset investigations and recovery professionals. You never know what turns a case might take. We could just about hear the attorney’s head shaking while we were talking to him on the phone. He had a client in the process of a divorce. It was a second marriage for both parties and the night before the wedding, she had had a little too much champagne and when a pre-nuptial agreement was placed before her, she signed it without even looking at it. She had no idea what it said, nor did [...]

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