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Computer Forensic Investigation is NOT a DIY Project

Computer data forensics recovery is possible in many cases. Take, for instance, the smashed computer of Adam Lanza, the perpetrator of the recent shootings in Connecticut. Even though he sought to prevent anyone from accessing the information on his computer by smashing it, depending on the damage, data could possibly be recovered. The computer forensics experts at computer forensics companies like have tools and resources – and the knowledge – to complete a computer forensic examination and, if possible, uncover data and information that was believed to be erased or eradicated. Spyware removal is not the only reason a forensic investigator is called onto a case, even though digital forensics services can be used as spyware detectors and spyware removers. But data extraction is another [...]

Don’t Let a Spouse Hiding Money in a Divorce Lead to an Unfair Settlement

Women are frequently very passive in their marriages, allowing the husbands to “call the shots” financially. And very often, women find themselves in the dark regarding family finances. If you anticipate divorce or you are already in the midst of filing or being served with divorce proceedings, this is absolutely NOT the time to sit back and believe whatever is said. Though the end of a marriage is highly emotional, it can be financially devastating, too. When it comes to financial settlements and property division, it’s not uncommon for spouses to try to hide assets in divorce. This is the time for you to take action to uncover unknown assets or missing assets. has a vast array of resources to find hidden assets. Asset investigation [...]

Computer Forensics Investigations Uncover Evidence of Industrial Espionage

Corporate espionage is not limited to the development of products and top secret patents. Oh, no, any industry where there is competition, there is the potential for the need for experts in digital forensics. Even in an industry you might not suspect – the hotel and hospitality world. Starwood Hotels & Resorts accused Hilton of industrial espionage in 2009. Apparently Starwood lost 10 executives and managers to the Hilton chain and Starwood alleged that the departing employees downloaded massive amount of documentation before departing. This is a situation where a computer forensics specialist can undertake a computer forensics investigation to uncover what was done on each of the computers owned by Starwood and used by the departing employees. Once the computer forensics examination is complete, [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Investigation Calls for Expertise and Experience

Cell phone investigation and cell phone forensics requires a growing body of knowledge – and experience is becoming more and more important. The main reason is the continual progress in technology advancements. One aspect is the evolution of cell phones and operating systems. As a cell phone consumer you may think there are only a few real differences between the different cell phones on the market, I mean you can get a computer that uses one of three major operating system vendors: MS Windows OS X from Apple Inc. Linux OS That does not hold true for cellular phones. There are more operating systems for cell phones than for desktop computers. The top five include: Android OS Apple iOS Blackberry OS Symbian Microsoft And even [...]

Is the Potential of a Computer Forensic Examination Part of Your Computer Usage Policy?

Employers hire people with the best of intentions. They hope the new employees will become loyal and exemplary representatives of the organization. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Take for instance the case of a middle school teacher in Downers Grove, Illinois. According to a Chicago Tribune article, the teacher has resigned and given up her teaching certificate after it was discovered she had explicit photos of herself on her computer at school. There is an investigation underway as to whether or not the photos were shared with any minors. Whenever employers suspect covert or criminal activity by an employee, one of the first places to look is their computer. A computer forensic investigator can complete a computer forensics electronic discovery that [...]

Computer Forensic Investigations are Best Left to the Professionals

A DIY approach to computer forensics opens up an unwanted can of worms – especially if evidence and factual data is found or recovered from the computer. With computers being the primary tool used by employees in the vast majority of industries and firms, evidence of wrong-doing is often on the machines once the employee has been terminated or resigned. If there is even the hint that digital forensics may uncover evidence, it’s best to hire a professional computer forensics expert right away. After the employee leaves and the hardware is turned over to the IT department, even the initial booting up of the computer can taint any evidence that would be recovered. Why? A few of the many reasons: The chain of custody and [...]

Is Your Employee’s Phone a Mobile Spy Leaking Your Business Secrets?

All you have to do is sit in a coffee shop or lunchtime dining spot to hear that sensitive business information is being discussed. It may not be about a top secret merger or a hot new product, but information about how a company does business and who their customers are is bantered about in casual discussions. And with the proliferation of ILLEGAL spyware available on the Internet, cell phone spying is becoming more and more a problem. Here at , our mobile phone forensics team is being asked to conduct cell phone spyware detection for more and more businesses. Cell phone monitoring is most often regarded as a way for someone in a relationship to keep tabs on their partner, or in a stalking [...]

Asset Investigation Uncovers Unexpected Truth

During a divorce, assets come into focus. Spouses – both husbands and wives often take steps that could have long-term implications. If one spouse is hiding money in a divorce, the other spouse may be denied a fair settlement. On the other hand, hidden bank accounts or stock accounts that are subsequently located through an asset investigation could result in even greater loss than if the hidden money was originally disclosed. Take for instance a case in Tennessee. It was a high asset divorce case with a prenuptial agreement. The wife was accused of installing spyware on her husband's computer in an effort to manipulate emails to show he was guilty of marital infidelity and had unknown bank accounts. The pre-nup said she would receive [...]

Find Missing Person – Yes, sir! is good at that!

Most of us have heard about families in which one relative, for whatever reason, becomes estranged from everyone else. Maybe it’s been 20 years or more since anyone knew the whereabouts of Uncle Joe, who left home after a bitter argument with his dad. Maybe a pregnant, unmarried cousin was pressured to give up her unborn child for adoption so she leaves the family and never reappears. Whatever the reason might be for the empty chairs at annual family reunions and holiday dinners, finding those people suddenly becomes important when lost relatives are named to inherit from a deceased family member’s estate. It’s not unusual at all for everyone to blink and shrug and admit they have absolutely no idea how to locate people who [...]

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