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Cell Phone Spying is Infiltrating Daily Life of the Average Citizen

Whether you like Anderson Cooper or not, he is part of the mainstream media and the topics he covers are often timely and informative. He had two women on his television program in the fall who revealed their husbands had spied on them through their cell phones. The incidence of cell phone spying has grown and infiltrated the daily lives of average citizens in situations like the women on Cooper’s television show. Cell phone eavesdropping is accomplished through the installation of software directly onto the device. That can happen simply through the opening of an email or an image – and, in the case of these ladies, getting an email or text from your husband would not send up any red flags. Cellular forensics or [...]

Provides Objective Evidence of Marital Infidelity

Every single time couples smile and say “I do,” they are hoping to beat  the odds that half of all marriages in this country end in divorce. There are many reasons why relationships go so sour, but one of the more prevalent reasons why couples race to divorce court is marital infidelity. Although studies show that women are more forgiving of an affair,but  it’s often impossible to save a marriage after an unfaithful husband has had an extramarital affair. Once there is a suspicion of a wife having an affair or signs of infidelity, it grows and grows into a great divide. That’s when gets a call from an emotional spouse asking us to “follow my wife” or “catch a cheating spouse” or “prove a [...]

Discovering Hidden Divorce Assets Can Mean a New Settlement Agreement is Possible

Property division orders can be set aside at times post-divorce. It wasn’t too long ago that such a request was made in the state of New York. In this case, assets divided in divorce included a brokerage account with the infamous Bernie Madoff. The husband, who had given the wife a substantial settlement based on assets held in his name including the Madoff account, claimed that the settlement should be reopened because the assets were worth less than originally claimed. The case was discussed by Gale Burns at National Legal Research GroupAll in Investigations. The divorce decree order was not reopened for a variety of reasons including that the divorce occurred several years before Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was revealed and secondly, unexpected losses after dissolution [...]

Foil Corporate Espionage with Computer Forensic Investigation

Corporate espionage is not new. Since the beginning of business, unscrupulous competitors have tried to steal trade secrets and proprietary information. They have used whatever technology was current at the time and now, with computers who knows where the limits will be or what will be next. computer forensics experts regularly provide computer forensics consulting to organizations and businesses. We have been active in this field for years and cannot recall every case, but we do recall the differences and nuances between one computer investigation and another computer forensic investigation, because that is where we see changes and how we stay on top of what the bad guys are trying that is new. In a recent New York Times opinion piece, Eamon Javers made a [...]

Either Way, Cell Phone Forensics Uncovers the Facts

I recently wrote about computer rental retailers that were caught illegally watching lessees’ activities and gathering data through computer monitoring software meant to keep track of rented computers. That sort of monitoring is illegal, but there is another type of monitoring that may fall into a gray area. Parents are monitoring their children’s cell phone activities. There is a long discussion of the issue in an article on It begins: “Privacy ends where safety begins,” said Marje Monroe, a clinical social worker, educator and co-founder of She consults with schools across the country to help students and parents cope with the dizzying world of social networking, cyberbullying and smartphones. There are all the conversations taking place about the line between personal information and [...]

Computer Forensic Investigation Uncovers Retailers Monitoring More Than Rental Due Dates

Apparently if you rent a computer from some retailers, you may be getting (or giving away) much more than you thought in the bargain. As computer forensics investigators, we are always watching for information about how bad guys can get into people’s lives on the sly. With computers the security loopholes are everywhere. So this article written by John E. Dunn at Techworld didn’t shock or surprise me. What I see escalating is the number of articles popping up in the mainstream media about computer spyware detectors and spyware removal. In most all of them, they now mention computer forensic services. As an aside, was one of the first to offer computer forensic services when no one really understood what a computer hacking forensic investigator [...]

Spyware That Lets Someone Get Up Close and Personal is Why You May Need Computer Forensic Services

What you may consider a quiet afternoon sipping a latte at the coffee shop and catching up with all your Facebook friends and email may be the quiet before the storm. The storm may end up with a computer forensics specialist performing digital forensics on your computer. After reading 10 Computer Threats You Didn’t Know About, I wondered how many people would really take them seriously. Not because they weren’t presented seriously, but more because of the mindset that “that wouldn’t happen to me.” I’m here to tell you, it COULD happen to you and more and more “average citizens” are seeing it happen to them. As computer forensics experts, is well aware of the increase in computer hacking and   the use of spyware: [...]

Mainstream Media is Reporting about Spyware and Computer Forensic Analysis

Oh yes, it is a small world – especially when you connect the dots on the Internet. Bloomberg writer Vernon Silver illuminated what happens when spyware is installed on a person’s computer. It’s done so quickly and almost without notice that the victim doesn’t realize until later that they have become a victim. Computer forensics experts here at have said that the incidence of spyware on computers is indeed rising. In addition to computer forensics investigations delving into files on the computer, our certified computer examiner is being asked to complete digital forensics and forensic computer analysis as spyware detectors and subsequently for spyware removal. The victim in the Bloomberg article was a law student who was a political activist. The spyware was installed on [...]

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