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The Need for Computer Forensics Investigations is Growing

After the hustle bustle of the holiday season, most of us are ready to get back into our regular routines. However, I just read an article by Matt Gephardt at in Utah that there is actually a bump up in computer malware infections after the holidays – up to a 30% increase! That means there are those who are working extra hard right now to get personal information from your computer. The article says that much of this increase is due to people: getting new computers or other electronic gadgets as gifts for the holidays surfing the Internet before installing some sort of anti-virus protection surfing for online bargains in the holiday shopping season. There are ways to ascertain if your computer has been [...]

Computer Forensic Services Illuminate the Truth

According to an article I read recently, the courts in different states have different views on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). The case referenced was one in South Carolina in which an employee left the employ of one company but downloaded several proprietary files including pricing terms, pending projects and technical capabilities before leaving. He then took that information to his new employer who promptly was able to win over a major customer with the information. The original employer sued – and lost. According to the article, “the appellate judges agreed that the employer had sued under an inappropriate law – one designed to prosecute hackers committing genuine fraud, not disloyal employees.” Courts in other states from Maine and New Hampshire to Illinois, [...]

Chances are Hidden Assets Aren’t Buried in the Backyard

I almost laughed the other day when I ran across an article providing instructions on how to bury valuables. At first, I thought it would be a humorous piece, and started to share it here in the office. But then we realized that it was a serious, step-by-step guide to squirreling away valuables in the ground so no one could locate hidden assets. Here at , we are known as a top Indiana Asset Search Investigator. We know how to find hidden assets through a statewide asset search as well as a nationwide asset search. We’ve even dabbled across the waters to locate off shore accounts and to find international accounts opened with the purpose of hiding money and other valuables. One thing people don’t [...]

Cell Phone Spying is Illegal in the United States

There is one more reason to be glad you reside in the United States – cell phone spyware is illegal here. With the release of the Apple iPhone5 in Australia, cries can be heard about the “potential tsunami of privacy breaches” according to an article at The article quotes senior lecturer of Internet law at QUT Peter Black who says that “It is not uncommon for the law to lag behind technology in the sense that technology evolves very rapidly.” While that is somewhat obvious because of the nature of technology and the nature of legislation, here at , we know that the proliferation of cell phone spying is growing and become much more common. Some think it is a good way to catch [...]

Cellular Location Evidence Requires Expert Analysis

The use of cellular forensics has become a real tool for many attorneys and their clients – on both the defense and the prosecution sides of the courtroom. Although we conduct mobile device forensics or mobile phone hack detection for clients suspecting cell phone spying, we also conduct investigations using cellphone records and mobile phone tracking techniques. The complexity of cell tower tracking has grown exponentially with the number of cell phone being used today. In fact, cell tower triangulation for cellphone tracking or for locating cellular location is pretty much a misnomer. Cellphone experts say that there is no cellular tower triangulation because cell phone signals bounce from tower to tower depending not only on geographic location, but also the volume of signals in [...]

Computer Forensics Foils Robbers

Have you heard the complaint that computers are de-personalizing interactions in the world? I do know it is easier to hide an identity behind a computer, but that doesn’t take the human out of the equation, that’s for certain. Nor does it prevent the truth to be revealed through computer forensic investigation and computer forensic analysis. For instance, I just read about two robbery cases in Durham, N.C. that were solved by using computer forensics. The cases centered on the use of Craigslist. The victims responded to an ad on the site and were subsequently robbed. A computer forensics specialist was able to trace all the way back from the ad to the suspects to a physical address. In our experience here at , our [...]

Baby Monitors as Spy Equipment? Don’t Laugh, It’s True

Did you ever think that your baby monitor could be a spy listening device? That’s right. With technology moving ahead, parents are able to connect to their baby monitors and while these eavesdropping devices are meant to keep baby safe, the can also end up being used as electronic surveillance by bad guys. How it works is that the baby monitor connects to the local Wi-Fi network and broadcasts audio to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app for the mobile device is free to download. Audio surveillance equipment has never been easier for bad guys – at least when there’s a baby in the house. The danger is that baby monitors are being installed in homes for use with seniors, too. And we [...]

10 Signs of A Cheating Spouse Can Also be a Wake-up Call

According to relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carl, 61% of spouses remain in marriages even when they suspect their husbands or wives are having an affair. Sadly, especially among women, they don’t have much beyond vague concerns of marital infidelity or have any evidence of their husband cheating. Don’t allow that to be the way you live your life. With tools and techniques to investigate cell phone and computer history, and a multitude of other cheating spouse surveillance options, can help you get back your sanity. While you mull over whether you are ready to make that confidential call to our office, here are 10 signs of a cheating spouse, specifically an unfaithful husband: He is away from home for unexplained reasons. He is vague about [...]

Cell Phone Legal Compliance Dictates Protocol at

A recent article in Slate caught my eye. Writer Ryan Gallagher brought to light a gray area regarding private investigators and the use of GPS tracking equipment. He talks about a January ruling by the Supreme Court, saying it “held that law enforcement use of GPS trackers to monitor movements constitutes a ‘search.’” It brought to light the importance of working with a professional private investigator. Because works with attorneys and clients around the nation and globe, we are very diligent about staying on top of the laws and regulations regarding investigative techniques – and act accordingly. This doesn’t only apply to GPS tracking devices, it applies to other areas such as cellular forensics. There are very specific processes and protocols for acquiring devices for [...]

Statistics Show That Cheating Spouses Are Common

Because we’re big believers in utilizing as many resources as possible when you find yourself in need of information and facts, we wanted to share the following statistics with you: In 45 % of marriages in America, one or both spouses admit to marital infidelity 57 % of married men admit to being a cheating husband 54 % of married women admit to being a cheating wife 36 % of cheating spouses enter into a secret affair with a co-worker Extramarital affairs occur 36 % of the time during business trips 17 % of cheating spouses are having affairs with their brother or sister-in-laws. The average length of an extramarital affair is two years Only 31 % of marriages recover from infidelity Now if you [...]

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