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Hidden Asset Search Investigator May be Your Best Friend During Divorce

Because women initiate more than 70% of all divorces, maybe you wouldn’t initially worry that, as a female, you could be cheated out of what is legally owed to you, regarding marital assets in divorce proceedings. But if that’s your belief, you’ll very likely find yourself with less in your pocket than you expected. In most instances, especially if your husband happens to be cheating with another person and/or making his own private plans toward dissolving the marriage, he may be intentionally setting up what he believes to be unknown bank accounts, unknown assets including stock accounts or even off shore accounts. There’s an old saying that the best way to hurt a man is through his wallet. And even if you aren’t trying to [...]

Top 10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

There’s nothing romantic about this, but nearly half of all marriages in America crumble and eventually end up on a divorce attorney’s desk. Reasons for a failed union range anywhere from conflicts over stepchildren in blended families to physical, emotional or verbal abuse, financial stress and, of course, marriage infidelity. Women are notorious for their innate ability to sniff a rat somewhere. More than 80 percent of the time, that intuition is right on target. But be aware ladies that 81 percent of cheating men lie their faces off when confronted. What if, no matter how many times he insists he’s not guilty, you are sure, right down to your bones, that you have an unfaithful husband? Take a look at these top 10 signs [...]

Investigative Techniques Expanding to Include Computer Forensic Analysis and Digital Forensics

Computer forensics is not the only computer-related investigations we complete at . Sometimes a computer forensics specialist works alongside an investigator. With all the social media online these days, employers are using it to find out about the people they are considering adding to their staffs. But it’s not just what can be found on the different social media platforms that are being used. E-mail and website content can be just as revealing and powerful. We were hired by a teacher and her husband to investigate how pictures of them made it into the hands of students and subsequently the school board. She lost her job because of it and she was not quite sure how it happened. Admittedly, she and her husband were involved [...]

Foiled by a Mole, Proven by a Computer Forensics Investigation

Computer forensics investigators are asked to work on a wide variety of cases – from businesses concerned with the release of proprietary information to spouses in the midst of bitter divorce battles. Here at , we find that computer forensics investigations are also becoming a tool in relationship investigations. For instance, we had a case where a wife thought her husband had posted an ad on a dating sight. It was brought to her attention how much the man looked like her husband. The picture was a nude, full body photograph and the face was a profile shot with a hat sort of pulled down over his face. At first she just laughed and when she shared it with him, he denied it. But it [...]

Be Safe, Ask a Computer Forensics Expert When You Need Help

Not too long ago we had a case here at that pointed out how important it is to work with professionals. A woman came to us about her son. He and his wife were in the midst of a bitter divorce and child custody proceeding. Her son had temporary custody and the wife would come to the marital home for visitation. He would leave or go out into the garage or yard while she was there with the children. After one of the visitation sessions, the wife reported to police that she had learned her husband had sexually molested one of the children. In the course of the investigation, the son and his mother figured the police would want his computer to look for pornography [...]

Informed Decisions Begin with Objective Computer Forensics Analysis

Although computer forensics analysis is often used as a spyware detector and for spyware removal, there are many other reasons someone might look for computer forensic services. For instance, one very wet, drippy day a woman knocked on the door here at . She came in and sat down and it was apparent that she would have appeared equally as dreary on a bright sunny day. She explained the conditions in her household. Conditions we have heard before: Verbally abusive husband Husband controls computer usage and locks it with a password only he can access Storage areas, cabinets or closets that are locked and he alone has access Her paycheck is direct deposited into a marital account and he moves a portion of that into [...]

Computer Forensic Analysis Uncovers Facts

One thing about investigation – you uncover truths. They might not be the truths you are looking for or that the client expects, but it’s the truth that comes out in the end. We had a client who asked us to complete a computer forensics examination of her family computer. She was looking for financial information that she felt her husband was keeping from her.  He wouldn’t share financial information with her saying she didn’t have to worry about it. But she did. After meeting with her, our computer forensics expert brought the machine into our lab and began the process. The computer forensics specialist did not find any financial information and reported that back to her. However, he also reported what he did find [...]

Be Alert to Signs of Cell Phone Spying

We are getting more and more people asking how they can tell if they have fallen subject to cell phone spying. There are a few symptoms and signs that might indicate you need to undergo mobile phone spyware detection: Battery life is significantly reduced The battery in the phone is hot when not being used by you You hear odd noises like clicking during conversations You hear voices in the background during conversations The screen flashes on at unusual times – without a call or other incoming message We recently were contacted by a woman who lived in a small town and she became very concerned that others were hearing confidential conversations she was having with someone who lived outside the community. Things she had [...]

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