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Attorneys Get Results From Professional Private Investigators

Because professional private investigators like provide attorneys with verified information that is immediately available for their use, attorneys consider us more than a convenience, especially in the area of asset research. We are like that one pair of pliers in the toolbox you always reach for. The pair that is strong and reliable. Plus, just like the pliers are multipurpose, we are, too: Turnaround time for coming up with the facts or truth about a situation is pretty quick with us. In the case of financial asset research or when trying to locate hidden assets like hidden bank accounts or stock accounts, and when time is of the essence, that fast turnaround is critical. Experience and variety of resources plays a big part of that. [...]

Cell Phone Spyware Thwarts Litigation

An attorney hired to conduct a very sensitive investigation. We scheduled a meeting in the attorney's office. What the attorney was not aware of, however, was that illegal spyware had been installed on his cell phone. The bad guy listened to the entire conversation between the investigator and the attorney including the steps of the investigation and the objectives. Because he had that information, he was able to cause pertinent information and evidence to disappear. That effectively thwarted the steps in the investigation and rendered the objectives impossible. It was not until other circumstances arose that it was discovered that the attorney had been the subject of cell phone spying by the bad guy. This may sound like a James Bond movie, but the reality [...]

Computer Forensics, Cellular Forensics and Garbology all Can Tell the Truth

Private investigators do more than just ferret out the truth. They tell the truth as objective, disinterested third parties. They are professional witnesses. Often, before litigation is started and a suit filed, we'll be asked to investigate the suspicions that are the basis for the suit. As an impartial third party, we don't have a vested interest in the outcome, which means we seek the truth rather than looking for more fuel to flame the fire of litigation. Here at , we report our findings and observations in that manner, which means we are sometimes subject to 'shoot the messenger' reactions. That happens because sometimes we don't provide what our clients want in order to fulfill their objectives. The results may not be what they [...]

Trash Talks in Family and Domestic Law Cases

Garbology is a term we coined some time ago. The technique can be a very effective tool in the private investigator's box and used for a variety of purposes: Marital Infidelity. Often we are contacted by an attorney with a client who suspects their spouse is having extramarital affairs. Cheating spouse surveillance often uncovers meet-ups. From those we find and look up a license plate number to identify the third party. Child Custody. When proof is needed to support claims that one parent should not have custody, garbology can provide a great deal of information. In fact, should the trash reveal evidence of drugs - such as meth lab materials, paraphernalia; like needles, pipes, packages or actual drugs- the results are turned over to narcotics [...]

Cell Phone Forensics is Investigative Technique of the Future

Most people would agree that cell phones may be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century for the average person. What people don't realize is that along with the boon for the everyday Joe, cell phones have become a real asset to private investigators and law enforcement agencies. Each service provider is different, not only in the plans they offer consumers, but in how they work with and provide data and information. There is a legal process for cell records. Attorneys and law enforcement agencies are able to preserve and get the information through court orders, but interpreting the data requires an expert's knowledge and experience. Cell phone records and cell phone tracking has been used to identify many criminals across the nation. [...]

Spy Detective Uncovers Covert Tracking and Listening Devices

What’s smaller than a deck of cards and able to reveal everywhere you drive? A GPS system. And we’re not talking the GPS system that came with your vehicle. Here at , we are looking for the GPS systems that have been installed on your vehicle without your knowing about it. Some people think that if another GPS tracking device was put in their car, it would interfere with the GPS system they use to get around town. Not so. Both devices are receivers and neither would interfere with the other one. As spy detectives, we usually get a call from an attorney who has a client that believes someone is tracking him. We can complete Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, or what is called a TSCM [...]

Courtroom Wins May Rest on Forensic Investigator Credibility

Here at , we provide the truth, reliable facts about matters and answer critical questions so our clients can make informed decisions. We gather information and intelligence on everything from people, hidden assets, computer forensic examination or mobile phone analysis and when it is provided to attorneys and clients, it is documented, verified and ready to go. Go where, you ask? Right into the courtroom. Attorneys appreciate knowing we are experts who can testify and support our testimony. They don’t have to worry because not only is the information about hidden off shore accounts good, the way we work and are paid leaves no opening for opposing counsel. Professional investigators like only work on an hourly basis. Being paid as a percentage or on a [...]

Are You Carrying a Cell Phone Spy in Your Pocket?

Do you realize you could have a mobile spy in your pocket or purse right now? How often do you set your cell phone down on your desk at work or on the table in a restaurant when you meet someone and run off to go to the bathroom or do something? All it takes is a couple of minutes of access to your phone and someone could install cell phone spyware on it - and the really scary part - you probably wouldn't even notice it after you return. All you notice is that someone knows things they shouldn't and you can't figure out how they found out. So, you start keeping your cell phone with you at all times. Sorry, that doesn't mean [...]

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